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St. John Baptist Church

Charles City, Virginia

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St. John Baptist Church
Charles City, Virginia
Pastored by Rev. Ellsworth Tait

Rev. Ellsworth Tait

Better Together

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Our Sunday live stream will begin at 10:00 AM. Click here to join us.

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St Jude Campus

Sunday of Hope

Sunday, May 7

We Bring People to Christ!

We bring people to Jesus Christ through the St. John Baptist Church family, disciple them toward spiritual maturity; equip them for ministry, both in the church and the world, that we may lift the name of Jesus in the sanctuary, Charles City, New Kent, James City, Varina, Greater Richmond and the utmost corners of the earth.

8131 Roxbury Road, Charles City, VA 23030 | (804) 829-9196 |

Sunday Worship Service: 10:00 AM

Most Recent Service

Better Together

Rev. Ellsworth Tait

Feb 25, 2024

Message From Our Pastor

This has been the battle cry of St. John Baptist Church community. Since 1897 this church has stood as a beacon of light reaching the lost, encouraging the community, and fighting the good fight of faith. The church has had both an internal and external focus. We build and support the people of God within the church’s boundaries. We also reach out to bring the Lord’s grace and love to as many people as possible beyond the boundaries of the church.

Also, this year marks the 21st year that I have been the Pastor of St. John Baptist Church.  We can hardly wait to celebrate the bond between Pastor and People.

I invite you to come to St. John. We are a church that covers all age groups from the seasoned saints to tiny tots. If you come, you will be met at the door with the Spirit of the Living God.

- Rev. Ellsworth Tait

Black History Month

More info coming soon


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