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St. John Baptist Church

Charles City, Virginia

What We Believe
  • Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord. Baptists are redeemed people, who claim a personal relationship to God through his Son, Jesus Christ. We believe it is our mission to share the gospel of Christ – a gospel of love and forgiveness – with the whole world.

  • The Bible is God’s Inspired Word. Baptists believe that the Bible is the divinely inspired record of God’s actions in history, and believe it is a trustworthy, authoritative, and all-sufficient rule of faith and practice.

  • Two Ordinances. Baptists observe two ordinances: believer’s baptism and the Lord’s Supper. We regard baptism by immersion as a symbol of death to the old life and resurrection to a new life in Christ. We celebrate holy communion in memory of the sufferings of Christ on our behalf – to show forth his death until his coming again.

Our Call to Worship

We bring people to Jesus Christ through the St. John Baptist Church family, disciple them toward spiritual maturity; equip them for ministry, both in the church and the world, that we may lift the name of Jesus in the sanctuary, Charles City, New Kent, James City, Varina, Greater Richmond and the utmost corners of the earth.

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